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Vault X - Exo-Tec - Card Box 450+ Royal Blue

Vault X - Exo-Tec - Card Box 450+ Royal Blue

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Premium quality card box made with a durable, water-resistant Exo-Tec® exterior paired with a soft, protective microfiber lining. This versatile box can hold cards, toploaders, mag holders and all Vault X deck boxes. 3 card dividers and 2 foam dividers included inside to keep your collection organised and secured.

The Card Box 450+ holds:

475+ double-sleeved cards
575+ single-sleeved cards
1,000+ unsleeved cards
180 Vault X Toploaders (35pt)
40 Vault X Magnetic Card Holders (35pt)

3 Vault X Exo-Tec® Sideloading Deck Boxes
4 Vault X Exo-Tec® Toploading Deck Boxes
4 Vault X Standard Large Deck Boxes
6 Vault X Standard Small Deck Boxes

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